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Common Drug Crimes in Fresno

The Central Valley of California is considered a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, and common drug crimes in Fresno include drug possession, possession for sale, drug manufacturing, and transportation/distribution of methamphetamine.

Drug Possession

Drug possession is also sometimes called possession of a controlled substance. It is against the law to possess illegal drugs. It is also illegal to possess certain legal drugs without a valid prescription.

“Possession” means that the defendant exercised control over the drug, knew of the presence of the drug, knew that it was a controlled substance, and had enough of the drug that it could be used as a controlled substance.

Possession for Sale

Possession for sale is possessing drugs with the intent to sell or distribute them. In order to be guilty of possession for sale, you have to have known that you possessed or purchased enough of the drug to sell and knew the nature of the drug. You also had to have the intent to sell.

Drug Manufacturing

Drug manufacturing is the illegal production of drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances. It’s prohibited to engage in or offer to engage in any activity that helps in the manufacturing of illegal controlled substances. You do not have to finish the manufacturing process to be guilty of drug manufacturing. This crime is committed as soon as the drug manufacturing process begins.

Transportation/Distribution of Methamphetamine

It is illegal transport methamphetamine from one location to another with the intent to sell or distribute it. It also is illegal to sell, exchange, distribute, or provide methamphetamine to other people or administer methamphetamine to someone else.

In order to be found guilty of transportation/distribution of methamphetamine, you have to have known that drugs were present, known of their nature as a controlled substance, and sold or transported a usable amount of methamphetamine.

What to Do if You’ve Been Accused of Any of These Common Drug Crimes in Fresno

If you’re found guilty of drug charges, you can face fines, probation, or even jail time.

There are legal defenses for these common drug crimes in Fresno. An experienced drug charges lawyer like Mark Broughton will fight for you and for your right to a fair trial.

Contact Mark Broughton’s office today if you need help.

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