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Criminal Defense

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Kingsburg double murder suspect deteriorating physically, now mentally incompetent to stand trial

The health and well being of our clients is just as important to us as giving them the best legal representation possible.   ABC30 recently covered a case we’ve been working on where we had to fight to get our client the mental health services he needs.   

Criminal Defense Trials and the Media

Over the years, we have represented numerous clients in cases that have attracted media attention. Communicating with the media can be a very important part of effectively representing a client. When a trial begins to take place in the court of public opinion, skilled representation becomes vital. The nuances for effective communication with the media...

Pretext Calls: A Set-Up by the Cops
Pretext Calls: A Set-Up by the Cops

What Drug Crimes Are Felonies
What Drug Crimes Are Felonies?