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Drug Crimes

How Long is a Felony Drug Charge

How Long is a Felony Drug Charge?

There is no single, simple answer to the question of how long is a felony drug charge. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the individual situation and the specifics of the charge. Drug crimes can range from possession and DUI to manufacturing and trafficking.

Common Drug Crimes in Fresno

Common Drug Crimes in Fresno

The Central Valley of California is considered a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, and common drug crimes in Fresno include drug possession, possession for sale, drug manufacturing, and transportation/distribution of methamphetamine. Drug Possession Drug possession is also sometimes called possession of a controlled substance. It

What Drug Crimes Are Felonies

What Drug Crimes Are Felonies?

What Are Drug Crimes? Drug crimes range anywhere from possession to drug trafficking, so the legal defenses and penalties vary greatly. Drug crimes include: Possession Possession for sale Manufacturing Under the influence DUI Cultivating, selling, or possessing more than the allowed amount of marijuana What