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Will my Defense Lawyer Help if I am Accused of Gun Charges?

A defense lawyer can best help if you are accused of gun charges like gun possession or assault with a deadly weapon when they have experience with these cases.

Not all defense lawyers have handled gun charges, so it’s important to ask your attorney if they have this experience.

Gun Possession

Most adults in California are allowed to buy a gun without a license and keep it within your house or place of business (if you own it). You can also legally carry the gun from one place to another in a locked container. Carrying a concealed firearm, on the other hand, is illegal without a permit.

Gun possession becomes a legal issue because, under California law, some people are prohibited from possessing a gun. These include:

  • People convicted of a felony or certain misdemeanors
  • People two or more convictions of brandishing a weapon
  • People with an addiction to narcotics
  • People diagnosed with mental illness
  • Minors under the age of 18

There are legal defenses for gun possession that a defense lawyer with experience in handling gun charges will consider.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Criminal charges of assault with a deadly weapon are clearly more serious than for gun possession. But it is still a wobbler — meaning it can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances.

Either way, penalties include imprisonment and high fines, so it’s important to obtain experienced legal counsel for help as soon as possible.

Because there are legal defenses for assault with a deadly weapon, too.

A Defense Lawyer with Gun Charges Experience is Vital

Mark Broughton has this experience and is a criminal defense lawyer who can help you if you’re accused of gun charges.

In fact, he’s committed to protecting the Constitutional rights of his clients and has handled multiple types of cases involving guns, including gun possession, drive-by shootings, assault with a deadly weapon, and many more.

There are legal defenses that may apply to specific gun charges, so it is always best to work with a defense lawyer who has defended the gun charges you’re accused of.

Do you Need Legal Help?

Mark Broughton has been a criminal defense lawyer in Fresno for the past 40+ years, and he can help if you are accused of gun charges.

He has the experience, the compassion, and the empathy you need to help get you through the complex and challenging process of facing these serious charges. And he is a firm believer that every person has the right to a fair trial and is innocent until proven guilty.

If you need the help of a criminal defense lawyer, call 559-691-6222 or click here to request a free consultation. We’ll get back to you right away.


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