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Why Should I Hire My Own Criminal Defense Lawyer Instead of Using a Public Defender?

If you’re facing criminal charges, or even if you’re not, you may be asking this very common question: why should I hire my own Criminal Defense Lawyer instead of using a public defender?

It’s a good question. And there are a few reasons why you may decide hiring a criminal defense lawyer is the better option.

More Time for Your Case

First, a private practice criminal defense lawyer will have more time for your case than a public defender. This is because they take on fewer cases.

Public defenders often have more cases than they can handle, and yours would be just one more added to the load.

More Vested in the Outcome

Private practice attorneys also have more at stake, professionally, in the outcome of the cases they’re involved with. Public defenders don’t have much at stake at all. They will get assigned more cases in the future, regardless of the outcome of your case.

A private practice criminal defense lawyer, on the other hand, is putting their reputation for future business on the line with how they handle your case. If they do a poor job, their business will suffer.

So, it’s in their best interest, as well as yours, for them to do the best job possible in defending you.

More Resources

Another reason to hire your own criminal defense lawyer instead of using a public defender is that private practice attorneys can have better access to more resources to help with your defense.

These “extra” resources may include private investigators to help gather additional evidence, private labs, and/or expert witnesses. They also include the additional staff, associates, and paralegals that a private practice criminal defense attorney usually has that a public defender may not.

Of course, you’ll be paying for these resources when you hire your own criminal defense lawyer. But if you need them … if they can make a difference in the outcome of your case … you may decide it’s worth it.

You Get to Choose

One of the biggest reasons to hire your own criminal defense attorney is that you get to choose who you hire to represent you.

Public defenders are appointed by the court without any input from you. Of course, you can request a change in attorneys, but you don’t have the right to pick your own public defender. If the judge grants your request, they’ll still appoint your new public defender.

Have More Questions Regarding Criminal Defense?

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