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Top 3 Reasons to Call Your Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney

The top 3 reasons to call Your Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney, Mark A. Broughton.

#3 You are accused of a crime. Felonies, Federal Crimes, White Collar Crimes, Violent Crimes, Gang Crimes and Sex Crimes.

Mark Broughton has 40+ years of experience as a defense attorney. And he has represented thousands of people. Plus, Mark is a Criminal Law Specialist. He is certified by the State Bar of California. And Mark proudly serves on the State Bar of California Board of Trustees (appointed by the Supreme Court).

You’ll be hard pressed to find another criminal defense attorney with the same extensive experience backing Broughton.

Mark Broughton has conducted approximately 200+ jury trials. Everything from DUIs, drug cases, sex cases, domestic violence, assaults, “three-strikes.” Plus dozens of cases involving criminal street gangs. Also gun/deadly weapons, drive-by shootings, robberies, attempted murders and murders, including special circumstance murder cases.

#2 You need someone on your side who understands your situation. And the consequences you face.

Your Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney promises to be honest about your situation. For better or for worse. More so, he helps people overcome difficulties so they can live happy and fulfilled lives. Mark is well known and respected for high profile cases in Fresno. Also, he understands the judiciary system very well. And he knows what you’re going through.

#1 You’re afraid you might lose everything. Even your family. So call Your Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney.

Mark is committed to helping his clients and their families during what is perhaps the most difficult time in their lives. Additionally, he walks through the criminal process with you. Furthermore, he will be honest with you about your case and your options.

Finally, Mark Broughton brings decades of experience to your case. And he will fight for you.

Mark sits down with you one-on-one. And he reviews your case to discover your options. So you can get the best outcome possible.

Call Your Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney today: (559) 691-6222

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