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How Much Does a Good Defense Lawyer Cost in Fresno?

While it’s totally understandable to want to know how much does a good defense lawyer cost in Fresno, it’s impossible to answer without getting into the specifics of your case.

The Type of Case is One Factor in Determining Cost

Because defense lawyers work with so many different kinds of cases — from simple misdemeanors to complex felonies — the cost of a good defense lawyer in Fresno is impossible to generalize.

For example, a murder/homicide case will cost much more than a DUI case. But how much more depends on the details. In most instances, however, it is safe to say that felonies will be more expensive than misdemeanors.

That’s because felonies require more of a defense lawyer’s time. They require more preparation time, and they generally take longer at trial, too.

The more complex and serious your case is, the higher your costs will be.

Experience is Another Aspect of How Much a Good Defense Lawyer Costs

The cost of a good defense lawyer also depends on the lawyer’s experience. An attorney with many years of experience and who has a proven track record of advanced skills handling complex cases will cost more than a brand-new lawyer with little experience.

Likewise, defense lawyers in smaller or less experienced firms generally charge less than those in larger, more experienced firms.

Realize, too, that a defense lawyer’s experience is also case-specific. For example, a very experienced DUI attorney may be very good at defending against a DUI charge, but they may not have the experience or be qualified to handle a murder case.

It’s Best NOT to Guess about How Much a Good Defense Lawyer Costs in Fresno

Rather than guessing or talking in generalities, it’s best to ask specific Fresno defense lawyers for estimated costs for your specific case.

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