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What Happens if You Go to Trial and Lose

What Happens if You Go to Trial and Lose?

As much as you trust your criminal defense lawyer, you are probably wondering what happens if you go to trial and lose. First of all, it’s completely normal to have all the “what if” scenarios going through your mind. The best way to deal with

What happens if you violate parole?

What Happens if You Violate Parole?

The consequences of what happens if you violate parole depend on just what you did that constituted parole violation. Typically, someone is granted parole — conditional freedom — based on them continuing to meet certain conditions or expectations. Some of these conditions include: Maintaining a

what is reckless burning

What is Reckless Burning?

There is a difference between malicious and reckless arson, so just what is reckless burning? California Penal Code 452 states that “a person is guilty of unlawfully causing a fire when he recklessly sets fire to or burns or causes to be burned, any structure,

do you go to jail for vehicular manslaughter

Do You Go to Jail for Vehicular Manslaughter?

Whether or not you go to jail for vehicular manslaughter depends on the type of vehicular manslaughter you’re convicted of. In general, vehicular manslaughter is when someone is killed by someone driving a vehicle negligently. But there are two types of vehicular manslaughter … Vehicular

Difference between Murder and Manslaughter

What’s the Difference between Murder and Manslaughter?

The simplest difference between murder and manslaughter is whether or not there was malice aforethought to the act. Malice aforethought generally means that the person intended to kill another human being. It is when someone acts with an intent to kill by expressing malice or

Types of Fraudulent Crimes

Types of Fraudulent Crimes

There are many types of fraudulent crimes. Simply put, fraud is committed when something untruthful is communicated that causes another party to do something that causes them harm. For example, significantly overstating one’s income or assets on a loan application to a bank is communicating

Common Drug Crimes in Fresno

Common Drug Crimes in Fresno

The Central Valley of California is considered a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, and common drug crimes in Fresno include drug possession, possession for sale, drug manufacturing, and transportation/distribution of methamphetamine. Drug Possession Drug possession is also sometimes called possession of a controlled substance. It