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Great Bodily Injury

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What is Great Bodily Injury?

Causing great bodily injury isn’t its own crime. But if someone suffers from great bodily injury because of a crime committed upon them or near them, it enhances the sentence for the defendant.

Common Examples of Great Bodily Injury

Each case is different and there isn’t a list of specific great bodily injuries that you can refer to. But there are common injuries that have been considered great bodily injuries and enhanced a criminal sentence. These include:

  • Dog bites
  • Broken bones
  • A black eye, or swollen eye with visible bruises after 4 months
  • Blistering or second-degree burns
  • Wounds requiring stitches
  • Vaginal soreness, bloody knees, and neck pain from a rape
  • Contusions, swelling, discoloration visible the day after an attack
  • Gunshot wounds


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Sentence Enhancements for Great Bodily Injury

The sentence enhancement for causing great bodily injury to someone during the committing of a felony or attempting to commit a felony is 3 to 6 years in a California state prison.

The 3 to 6 years is in addition to the penalties for the felony committed and it is to be served out consecutively with the felony punishment.

Causing great bodily injury to someone counts as a strike on your record under California’s Three Strike Law.

great bodily injury

Legal Defenses for Crimes Causing Great Bodily Injury

The legal defenses for crimes causing great bodily injury vary because there are many different crimes that can have this sentence enhancement. Great bodily injury is ultimately determined by the jury. But a good criminal defense attorney can help influence the jury on whether the injury caused was really great bodily injury.

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