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Domestic Violence Charges

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Mark Broughton > Domestic Violence Charges
Mark Broughton > Domestic Violence Charges

Your Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney for Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence occurs when someone uses or threatens to use physical force against an intimate partner.
For example, an intimate partner could be any of the following.

  • Either a current spouse or a former spouse.
  • Both current and former registered domestic partners.
  • A current or former romantic partner still living in the same place.
  • Either a current or former fiancé.
  • Also, a co-parent.
  • Both serious dating partners and former serious dating partners.
  • Either the mother or father of the defendant’s child.

Additionally, under the California Family Code, two more categories may be considered in domestic violence cases.

  • The defendant’s child.
  • A person related, within the second degree, to the defendant. That is, by blood or marriage.


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Types of Domestic Violence that May Bring Charges

Since there are various types of domestic violence, the penalties vary. However, the most common domestic violence crimes include the following.

  • Corporal injury to a spouse or cohabitant.
  • Both child abuse and child neglect.
  • Domestic battery: abuse against someone with whom you’ve either had or have an intimate, domestic relationship.
  • Child endangerment occurs when someone willfully brings either pain, suffering or danger to a child.
  • Criminal threats occur when someone threatens to either physically harm or kill someone. Plus, the person being threatened is reasonably frightened for either his or her safety, or for the safety of his or her immediate family. The threat is specific and indisputable. Additionally, the threat is communicated either verbally, written or through an electronic device.
  • Stalking is both unwanted and repeated surveillance by an individual or group.
domestic violence

Legal Defenses for Domestic Violence

Domestic violence crimes don’t need to have actual physical injuries. For instance, domestic battery. It’s common for people to be falsely accused. An intimate partner may want revenge because he/she may be jealous. Furthermore, he/she may accuse you of a domestic violence crime. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

Perhaps your partner was injured by you. But it wasn’t intentional. In order to be guilty of domestic violence, you have to have the intent to injure the other person.

It’s possible that your partner became injured. But it wasn’t by you.

Say your partner attacked you or someone else. And you acted in self-defense. And with reasonable force to stop him or her. Then you should not be found guilty of domestic violence.

Have you been legally accused of committing Domestic Violence? If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, it is essential to obtain legal council for help. It’s important to take your charges seriously. Don’t just hope for the best. Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney who understands your situation and the consequences you face.

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Your Defense Attorney for Domestic Violence Charges

I’m Mark A. Broughton. And I’m here to fight for you. I have been a defense Attorney for 40+ years. Plus, I have represented thousands of people accused of crimes. Furthermore, I have extensive experience representing citizens charged with Violent Crimes such as Gang Crimes, Gun Charges, Domestic Violence and Kidnapping.

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About Mark Broughton:

Not only compassionate but highly experienced, has an exceptional reputation, is ethical and honest:

Mark Broughton has been practicing law for over 40 years. Accordingly, he has conducted over 200 jury trials. Not only DUIs, drug cases, sex cases and domestic violence but also assaults, “three-strikes” cases and dozens of cases involving criminal street gangs. Also, gun/deadly weapons cases, drive-by shootings, robberies, attempted murders and murders. Additionally, situations including special circumstance murder cases. He has received many outright, not guilty verdicts for his clients. And that’s in all of these types of cases. Plus several murder cases. Between 2005-2007, juries found his clients not guilty in four separate cases in a row.

Mark Broughton is not only qualified as a death penalty lawyer, but also he’s on the special circumstances/death penalty panel of attorneys in Fresno, California. Additionally, he is regularly appointed to special circumstances/death penalty murder cases by the Fresno County Superior Court.

Plus Other Qualifications:
  • Certified Specialist Criminal Law, State Bar of California
  • Board of Trustees, State Bar of California
  • Chairman, Fresno County Bar Association, Criminal Law Section

Mark Broughton enjoys close relationships with his clients. Therefore, he sees every individual’s situation not only with compassion but also with empathy. Moreover, Mark believes that people deserve the right to a fair trial. Plus they are innocent until proven guilty.

He, in addition, enjoys helping reunite his clients and their families during and after dealing with perhaps the most difficult time in their lives, i.e., going through the challenging criminal process.

Practice Areas

  • Federal Crime 40%
  • White Collar Crime 20%
  • Violent Crime 20%
  • Criminal Defense 10%
  • Sex Crimes 10%

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